Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Planning On Trying Something New...

So, Homecoming is this weekend for my alma mater. I have been wearing my protective styles but, for homecoming I want to show the full glory of my hair. I will be seeing old classmates, my sorority sisters, my fraternity brothers, etc. Since most of them remember me with relaxed tresses, I want to kinda showcase my natural hair--most have not seen my hair this way. I saw that Natural Chica did this jumbo twist style on her hair and the look was simply GAWGEOUS! So, I think I want to try that on my hair this weekend.

On either Thursday or Friday night I will be doing the following:
1. Take out the twists currently in my head.
2. Detangle somewhat with my fingers.
3. Co-wash with my Suave Coconut Naturals.
4. Deep condition
5. Put the jumbo twists in using my HE Totally Twisted.
6. Oil my scalp and my hair.
7. Air dry and wear my hair out for the parade and the step show.

Also, I think I will do a video for YouTube on this style.

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