Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays

New segment alert!

I must admit that this new segment will probably not have much to do with natural hair (I am sure it will somewhat). But, I was on this blog yesterday, which I can't remember for the life of me. Hold on...going to find it---> Ok, the blog is a fashion blog and its called The Daybook. So, what I am pretty much going to do every Thursday is a run down of awkward things that occured during the past week and awesome things that occured during the past week. Here goes...


  • Pulling out deodarant in a very public place and applying its lipgloss or something (for the record, I did not do this, just observed this)
  • Walking past a group of people or a person and feeling my underwear ride up--on one side. And chanting in my head, "Please don't let them see, please don't let them see, please don't let them see..."
  • Having to go check the spelling for deodorant because I had a feeling I had spelled it wrong in the above first sentence...which I did^_^
  • Waking up to head full of wet/damp hair. Now what am I supposed to do.
  • Making videos for YouTube and noticing for the first time in my life the weird facial expressions I make. Then, getting so annoyed with them and delete the video and not upload the video.
  • Going to sleep at night with the heat on. Waking up sweating profusely. So I turn the heat off. Wake up shivering because I'm cold. Turn the heat on. Start back sweating. Turn off. This goes on and on at night, which is why I'm probably suffering from this cold/sore throat:-/
  • Drinking some very old coffee (given to me from my mom) and having it taste so nasty and old. And then drinking a second sip just to make sure it was nasty...


  • Received a compliment on my hair of "I am SO jealous of your hair!!!" I don't want people to envy my hair, but it was nice nonetheless.
  • Purple eyeshadow. Enough said.
  • Bible Study at my church. It is simply great and I promise you I learn something new each time, which truly enriches my spirit.
  • My veggie burger from Burger King, which I get with no mayo and no ketchup and extra onions. The secret is to ask for a barbeque sauce packet and it makes the burger out of this world!
  • My daddy bringing me coffee to work after my coffee fiasco:-)
  • Having a really nice young lady--passing by my office--show me hands-on how to do a head wrap/turban with a large scarf. I'm an expert at it now. Too nice!
  • Clip-on earrings. Though some hurt like crazy! (so maybe this is awesome and awkward)


  1. What a day! Totally loving the look and glad you had a awesome( though awkward) Thursday!
    Thanks for sharing sis!