Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How To Be A Frugal Natural and Still Stay Fabulous!

At the point I am in my life, I don't have very much money to spare or waste. I make sure my bills are paid and after that I don't have much left for many luxuries. However, I don't let this stop me from staying naturally fly! Below are a few tips I follow to stay oh-so-fabulous in the natural world:-)

1. Research any products before buying. Because I don't have the money to go just randomly try products to see if they work for me or not, I always do thorough research on any product before purchasing. I first look at the ingredients. I then google reviews online from blogs or websites. And next I go to YouTube to see how the product worked for other naturals (I usually flock to reviews from naturals with my similar hair texture).

2. Find what works for me and stick to it. I mentioned this before. I am by no means a product junkie. I find what works for me and I stick to it. I have one shampoo, one detangling comb, a few conditioners, a few oils, etc. You get the point. I find what works for me and I stick to it. Why mess up a good thing?

3. Throw out hints to family members. Yeah, I do this. I throw out hints to my sisters and parents about products I am in need of or products I wouldn't mind having. I must admit that this method usually works pretty well.

4. Stay away from the "hot and new" thing. I go to many blogs and I hear great things about many products and lines out there. But, I look at what the products purpose is and I analyze if I am really lacking in that area. For example, if a product claims to give great definition, shine, and thickness. I think, I have a my styler and my oils. So, even though it would be nice to try the "new" things I would rather wait for a better time.

5. Don't sacrifice quality for cheapness. One thing I do not do is sacrifice quality just to be cheap. Even though there are some great products out there that are very cheap (ex. V05 conditioners), there are some things that I can't go cheap on. For example, I will not use just any old shampoo on my head (only Giovanni for me). No sulfates will touch this head.

These are just the rules I follow for my budget. Maybe one day I will be a baller and be able to splurge. LOL. But, my frugal methods work for me:-)


  1. Great points! I think another good one is to find alternatives. I may not have enough money to keep buying Kinky-Curly Curling Custard, but the Eco Styler is another good alternative gel to use that works pretty much the same, for $17 dollars less.


  2. That is so true, Precious H! Finding more economical options are always a plus!!