Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In my mind...Spring Is HERE = Hair is OUT

So, I don't think the official day of spring has arrived yet. However, if you are in Alabama you know that it has officially made its arrival. We have been having weather in the 60s-70s. And today has been 74 degrees. To me that is hot enough to have my hair out.

Of course, I adore protective styles. My hair loves them. But, I feel my hair was also telling to let it out and breathe! It is a relief to wake up in the morning and simply take of my bonnet and just shape my hair. Getting ready has been cut down enormously! I don't have to pin, or tuck, etc. my hair.

One reason, I don't like wearing protective styles for so long is that people get used to my hair being contained. So when I wear it out I get a few looks. One of my co-workers commented on my hair. "I see you did something different with your hair...You wanted to be flamboyant." Flamboyant??

I think this warm weather is here to stay. So, you will definitely see me wearing more out styles. I will still keep the styles diverse though:-)

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