Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Review: Oyin Handmade Shine and Define

This past Monday night I re-twisted my hair using Oyin Handmade Shine and Define. This was a gift from my sister Auset and this was my first time using it.

Ingredients: Purified water, Organic flax seeds, Organic aloe vera gel, Sea Vegetable Complex, Coconut Oil, Castor, unrefined shea butter, organic raw honey, Vegetable Glycerine, Palm Stearic Acid, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, fruit pectin, xanthan gum, destrose, Optiphen (preservative) citrus essential oils, fragrance

Here is how I used it:
1. I took random sections of my hair and applied the Shine and Define along the entire section and concentrated on the ends. I then put in medium size twists.
2. I kept the twists in for a day.
3. I took the twists down and wore the hair out on Wednesday.

1. The smell was simply wonderful. I loved it.
2. I like that the consistency was great.
3. It did not give my hair a stiff or weird hold.
4. Great ingredients
5. No build-up.

1. I actually didn't think it defined that well.
2. I didn't think the shine was that great.

For the product, to be called "Shine and Define" I was not that impressed with the shine or the definition. So, I am still on the fence about this product. I think I am going to try using it with a different method. Maybe on damp hair...
This was my hair after I took the twists down and wore it out.


  1. Your hair looks great! Very nice and looks very soft.

    I sometimes find that when I use products like this I have to add something to it. So the product is not a waste. For example, for this particular product I would put two teaspoons of the product, two teaspoons of aloe vera gel, and some oil. This way I have the mositurizing effect of the product, aloe ver gel for more definition and hold, and oil for shine. This product seems to be too light for your hair and the results you. Hints, why you may have to tweak it to make it work for your hair.

    Now I know you didn't ask for my thoughts but I really do think you hair looks great and hope you find this info useful!

  2. @Anonymous - Thank you! I am sure that this product probably too light for my hair. I think that I will try your suggestions for tweaking it for my hair type. And I do find your suggestions useful:-)