Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Talk About Day 1 (and 2) Hair

I've been natural for almost a year now (April 5, 2011 will be my anniversary). And I've learned many things in my natural journey. One thing I know without a doubt is that I am not a fan of Day 1--or even Day 2--hair.

You've heard me mention this before on this blog in passing but, I decided to have a post dedicated to this topic.

Day 1 hair is associated with:
1. Super defined look - I know some people love that super-defined look but, I am not a big fan of it. I find myself seperating my hair so much when I first take down my braids or twists in order to achieve my fuller, more natural look.
2. No emphasis on the true texture of the hair - This goes back to the hair being super defined. Because of this the true texture is not really shown. I don't fight frizz, I embrace frizz. Its simply beautiful to me.
3. Too much of a sheen:-/ Yeah, I said it. I mean I want my hair to have a nice sheen but, sometimes I think it just looks too relaxed-like. Its hard to explain but, I hope you get my drift.

Its not that I hate Day 1 hair, it just isn't my favorite day of my twist-outs or braid-outs. I don't like that super defined, not quite natural looking look of my hair. Now, as for Day 3 and on up...I LOVE it. That's when the true texture starts coming to the forefront and it just looks glorious!


  1. I totally agree - I love my hair two or more days after I've washed it. Because I stretch it every night, it becomes fuller and fluffier each day, whereas the day and the day after I wash, it isn't really that full or fluffy. The only day I hate after that is the day before washing, because, well, my hair is ick, lol.

  2. IKR! I must agree with you on that ick day!!

  3. I also agree! My reason mainly because 1. my hair always feels a bit lifeless and it takes about two days of twists to get it looking healthy and full of life! 2. My hair is always much more stretched right before a wash and then after it, I'm back to square one. lol
    Sometimes I get tempted to not wash on wash day...
    Thanks for sharing sis!

  4. By the way, I love the new background and header picture!! I see you're totally ready for spring ;)

  5. So true, Funbi! The day before wash day, my hair be on point! But, I just can't not wash my hair.

    And thank you about the new blog look! I am so ready for spring!!

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