Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hairstyle: Braid Out?? or Textured Afro??

So, this past Sunday, I washed my hair and then braided it---intending to do a braid out. Well, despite starting on my hair at 3:00 pm my hair still did not fully air dry. So, the next day while taking it down my hair was really damp all over. You know me, I just let it do what it do. And I still like it!

I decided to show some pics of my hair over last 3 days that I have been wearing this braid out/textured afro.

Day 1 - You can see that the back of the hair really has little to no wave definition. The hair displays my texture. I like how full it looks.
Please excuse the puckered lips. I was feeling my new lipstick. lol. This shot really shows the full shape of my hair.
This is my hair today, I am still feeling it. I will definitely be rocking this style to the end of this week or longer. We'll see...

I achieved this hairstyle by:
1. Washing the hair.
2. Applying conditioner to my entire head
3. I then put my hair into 21 braids
4. I took it down the next morning using my shea butter/EVOO mixture to seal the ends.
5. I did not really seperate the hair for a fuller look because it was not dry. It eventually air dryed to this full look.


  1. Wow!!! This is so gorgeous!! Love the puckered lips! lol.
    Keep it up sis!