Monday, March 21, 2011

When Ideas Go To the Wasteside...and New Ones Are Formed

So, this past week I had an idea in my head of a hairstyle I wanted to try. Needless to say, the plan went by the wasteside.

The hairstyle I had in mind were some side cornrows that would lead to a sideswept twist-out. Yeah...this didn't happen.

Here's what went wrong:
1. I started too late doing my hair at 4:00 pm. And that was the cornrowing part. I actually started washing my hair at about 5:10 p.m.
2. I tried finger detangling on dry hair to cornrow it. This was time-consuming! I don't even know why I did this. I just went back to my damp/dry detangling method.
3. I actually started putting the two-strand twists in my hair at 6:00 pm. Much too late to fully air dry. But, I was in denial.
4. I did not get a chance to do my oil rinse because time was winding down...
5. The next morning the hair was not dry at all! I was baffled...

So, necessity becomes the mother of invention. Despite all these mishaps I still like how my hair came out. No, it wasn't what I pictured, but it was cute nonetheless.

Lessons learned:
1. I definitely need to change my hair day. I only like air drying my hair and its crazy to think that all this hair will fully dry by the next morning! So, Sunday will soon be out the window...(maybe Friday or Saturday)
2. My hair misses the oil rinse. Its not that my hair is dry because I did apply EVOO over it. But, the oil is better distributed in my hair with the oil rinsing and it just feels better.
3. And maybe I shouldn't record videos until I've tried the hairstyle out before.

More pics of the hairstyle coming...

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