Friday, March 25, 2011

New Hair Day!

So, I finally decided to officially change my hair day from Sunday to Friday. Initially, I was debating between Friday and Saturday but, I made my final choice for Friday. And even though I go to prayer on Fridays I figured I should be back home no later that 8:30 p.m. and that should be enough time to start doing my hair. Then, if I go shopping or run any errands on Saturday I will just wear a head wrap, a beanie, etc.

So, why Friday? I chose Friday because that day would allow for my hair to fully air dry. Also, I could take the braids or twists out if I'm wearing "out" styles that Sunday morning and then, I would have an idea of how my hair would look for the week.

I must admit that I am kinda excited about this new hair day. Its different. The only con--which is not that major--is that now my hair will be covered on Saturdays and not out. But, its a good thing I learned how to do head wraps this week:-)

Here are my plans (I really am hesitant to post my plans because they may fall through, however; these are my plans if the Lord wills):
1. Co-wash my hair tonight using a conditioner (duh. but, I don't know which conditioner as of yet)
2. Oil rinse using 50:50 mixture of Castor oil and EVOO.
3. Apply a conditioner as a leave-in (not sure which conditioner I will be using)
4. Do a center part and do a chunky braid-out (nothing new about this hairstyle)
5. Allow hair to fully air dry over Friday and Saturday
6. Take braids out on Sunday morning.

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