Friday, March 4, 2011

Hair Today: Braid Out (Day 5)

My braid out has really held up this entire week. It seems I get the most compliments on Day 4 and 5 hair. I must admit that I like my hair the most on these days also. The hair just gets bigger and it loses some of that definition. Simply put, I like it.

You already saw a glimpse of my hair in the previous post. But, I decided to have a post specifically designated for my hair today.

To keep up my Braid Out I do the following each night:
1. I put my hair in 2 loose and low afro puffs.
2. I then tie a satin scarf over the hair.
3. I then put a bonnet over that scarf---for extra security.
4. Every other morning or night, I oil my hair and seal my ends.


  1. Looks lovely! I also like my hair about 2-3 days before it needs washing. Strange that it can look best when it's the "dirtiest" lol.

  2. IKR!! But, I ain't complaining. LOL

  3. LOVE IT!..@ Precious H, So true!!! I feel the same way!

  4. Beautiful Ms. Cee, work it out!!

  5. Beautifulllll!!!! You look great sis!L I am totally loving it!