Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, the Ignorance...

So, I'm going along with my Friday with not a care in the world and I decide to check my Facebook. My sister, Auset, posted a link to an article on Black College Wire so, I thought "Let me check this out." Oh the horror!


Now, let me get started. I started reading the article with an open mind. I was curious about the title "Natural Hair and Nappy Heads" but, moved on. In the beginning, of the article I was just going along with the flow. La-di-da. She was going on about: reasons for going natural, natural being a trend, guys preferring natural hair, etc. Nothing that really pushed my buttons.

Then, she lost me and my respect with this statement, "Only a handful of females can pull off a short hair cut, let alone natural hair." All females can pull of natural hair because that is the way God made it.

But, she didn't stop there! She goes on to say that "extemely nappy" haired people shouldn't go natural. She says that if you look more like a "slave" than a "queen" with your natural hair then don't do it. She says, "I hate that girls walk around thinking that natural bush is fly when it is not." All of these are IGNORANT comments and I can't believe they came out of her mouth!

I could go on and on about how this article really pushed my buttons but, I won't. I will state my opinion on the matter. Point blank, natural hair is beautiful. I don't care if you are fat, short, skinny, tall, big head, little head, light skinned, dark skinned, brown skinned, etc. Your natural hair is GORGEOUS! Don't get mad that women with natural hair are walking around with confidence. They are confident. And I am tired of the comments of natural hair being equated with looking like a "slave" and "Celie". Please just stop it. God gave us this texture. He made no mistake, no mess in doing so. Embrace it.

And what is funny is that she is rocking a cute TWA. I guess she passes her criteria to rock natural hair:-/ This just goes to show you that you can't judge a person's mindset by their hair.

That's my opinion and I'm out.


  1. PREACH! She was just too much for me. The interesting thing about people calling it slave hair is that as a people, our hair was like this long before our ancestors were enslaved. Short history lesson for you.

  2. IKR!!! So true, so true. Very short history lesson. LOL

  3. I like this blog girl, and you are right! She is ignorant for saying those things, because as you said, GOD MADE US WITH "NAPPY" hair, and even though mine is permed, I LOVE natural hair! (I'm just not brave enough to take that leap, lol)

  4. Thank you, Taryn! Again, you can't judge a person's mindset by how they wear their hair. You have a relaxer and you don't feel that way about natural hair:-) But, she is natural and her mindset is all twisted up.

  5. She doesn't even deserve to represent team natural. She's a fool! Tryin to bring the rest of us down. SMH!