Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am so over the IGNORANCE!!!

Solange rocking her beautiful short natural.
Sandra Rose, the blogger.

Ok, I must rant!

I was on Black Girl Long Hair today and was reading the first post. This post was giving details about Sandra Rose attacking Solange's short natural and "complimenting" her on her new afro wig. Go here to view this article. The SAD thing is that Sandra Rose felt as if she was giving Solange a "compliment" by making the comment "Work it girl! That short nappy look was not working for you, baby." Really though...

I personally do not take offense to the word nappy when used in a positive light. Such as "Nappily Ever After" or the "Nappy Chronicles" (a youtuber). Yet, when people take that word to use it negatively, I take offense.

In this article, Black Girl Long Hair made a GREAT point on how just a few months ago Sandra Rose was encouraging everyone to accept their beautiful brown skin. She was defending herself against a comment Chris Brown made over her being "black and ugly". Mind you, I take extreme offense to Chris Brown's comments also and agree. Yet, its ironic that Sandra Rose wants us to accept our natural skin color but, to reject our natural hair texture. People look down on others who use bleach on their skin but, they think its absolutely normal to put in weaves/relaxers/wigs to hide the natural texture of the hair. This is just ignorant! Mind you, I am not attacking anyone for wearing a weave/relaxer/wig however; it is imperative that we understand that our natural beauty should NOT be rejected.

Another thing I am so sick of is people who are obsessed with length. What is the difference between Solange rocking a short natural and a longer natural. Nothing, in my opinion. The wig was a natural textured wig and had essentially the same coil pattern as her hair. So technically it was still "nappy". Sandra Rose just showed me that she is a very ignorant person who still rejects the natural beauty of the black woman.

How can we expect others to accept us when we can't even accept ourselves???


  1. Great point about how people attack those you use chemicals to lighten their skin tone, but see nothing wrong with using chemicals to straighten their hair. If the reason for straightening your hair is so you can look more european, then you are not better than people who lighten their skin tone.

  2. You couldn't have said it better Constance. It's time for us all to embrace our natural beauty and stop trying to emulate other races. Solange look fabulous in her natural hair and noone has the right to critize her for what God gave her.

  3. I'm a white Mama with two brown babies. Why people in the black community seem to be so eager to criticize others in that same community over choices like hair I will never understand. Zahara Pitt's hair, Solange's much criticism. (It's not unique to the black community as every racial group has critical souls but the hair issue seems to be unique.) As an "outsider" looking in, I find myself wanting to say to those who offer such criticism "would you look around and apply that same criticism to things that matter? Like disparities in achievement between black students and white students? Or absentee black fathers? Or the number of incarcerated young black men?" I'm not saying that the people offering such loud criticism on hair don't care about the more important topics but it kind of comes across taht way. And it is just beyong me how someone can spend so much time worrying about the hair that isn't even on their own head!

  4. Thank you so much, kayder1996. You really have given me a new perspective! It is so true that people in our community will choose to worry over something so minute. At the end of the day there are so many other issues/problems, however, those issues are not even focused on.

    Plus: I must agree with you completely about others being concerned with Zahara's hair. My sisters and I discussed this. Zahara's hair may not be adorned by a million bows and beads, however; her hair always looks healthy. I would rather see healthy hair that is natural than damaged hair that is relaxed.