Monday, June 14, 2010

Natural Inspiration: Debbi Morgan

Debbi Morgan is simply elegant! That smile! Those dimples! It is evident that she is very beautiful and her hair is simply dazzling.

Debbi Morgan is most known for playing Angie on the soap opera "All My Children". As a young woman she was beautiful and she continued to evolve over the years. I also remember Debbi Morgan in Eve's Bayou (a fave movie of mine) and her hair was simply gorgeous throughout the movie.

Debbi's hair has been diverse throughout her career. When she played a young Angie on "All My Children" she would wear her hair in long individual braids. She has had locs in her career. She has worn bantu knots. She has worn extension. She wore her hair naturally free in Eve's Bayou. I could go on...

Currently, Debbi is wearing a wig on "All My Children". However, I believe she is still natural and is wearing the wig for the role.

Overall, she is a beautiful woman and pulls off almost any hairstyle she chooses to rock!

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