Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Trusty Tools

Since I have become natural there are a number of "tools" that I rely on to work with my hair. I will give details about each of them.

1. The Spray Bottle - I simply adore my spray bottle! I use the spray bottle when I need to work with my hair--especially if it is tangled--but I don't feel like completely washing my hair. It is great for dampening the hair. Sometimes I would put in a leave-in conditioner with the water with my bottle to give some moisture to my hair. And most of the time, I simply use water only in the bottle.

2. The Three-Sided Comb - I don't think this is the official name for this comb but, that is what I call it. I use this comb A LOT! I love the wide side of the comb for when I am wearing my afro it is great for combing it out. I also love the three prong side (the side that looks like an afro pic) because I use this side to pic out my afro and to help shape the comb. I have about three of these combs floating around the house and in my purse:-)

3. The Wide-Tooth Comb - This comb is only used on my hair when it is damp or wet. I know it is not the widest comb, but it is perfectly wide for detangling. I actually used this comb last night while detangling my hair.

4. The Fine-Tooth Pointy Comb - Again, this is not the officical name for this comb. However, I use this comb quite a bit! I NEVER use the tooth side. I ONLY use the prong side. I use the prong side for parting my hair. And since I braid my hair almost every night or every other night, I use this for parting my hair in sections for braiding.

5. The Afro Pic - Please ignore the superman symbol and Black power fist on the Afro pick. LOL. This is what the Beauty Supply Store sells. I use the afro pic soley for my afro. And I must admit that I don't always use it to pic out my afro. Sometime, I will use the three-sided comb. I like to use the afro pic to give more volume to my hair and when it needs more seperation. I don't use it that often because its almost like a fine tooth comb and can rip out your hair if you're not careful. I only use it on my roots and never pick it to the very ends of my hair.

6. The Hair Clips - Because my hair is so thick, I have to use hair clips to clip it out of the way when working with certain sections. The hair clips come in handy when I am braiding my hair or picking it out and I need to move the hair I am not working with out of the way. I adore these clips because they have a strong hold and they do not pull out my hair.

7. The Head Scarf - I use this head scarf quite a bit! It is my go-to headscarf whenever I'm wearing my hair in an afro, or when I want it pulled away from my face, or when I want a puff, etc. I have this scarf in the color brown also. It is the perfect length because I can tie it once or double it up.

8. Bobby Pins - If you have been a faithful follower for awhile you will understand how much I use the bobby pins. I use it for my pompadours, my cinnabun, my braid-out updos, my twist updos, etc. These pins are definitely a must for me! I have so many bobby pins in the house. I am constantly finding them in the floor, my bed, the bathroom sink, etc.

9. Satin Bonnet (not pictured) - This is the most consistently used "tool" for my natural hair. I will NOT go to bed or lie down without my satin bonnet on. It protects my hair for rubbing against my cotton pillow and sheets. I know some naturals sleep on a satin pillow, but I love the coolness of cotton pillows and sheets:-)

10. Hair Brush - I use the brush simply to brush back my edges around the perimeter of my hair.

**Those are my main "tools" for now. If I add some more to my regimen I will be sure to do a post about it.

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