Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Part 2: Oh the Crazy Things People Say...

So, one night while flipping through the channels I landed on BET and Monique's Show was on. First of all, I am not a big fan of BET or the Monique Show...but, I digress. I stayed on her channel because she said the comedian, Arnez J, would be coming on. I remember him being very funny so I stayed to watch his stand-up routine. The funniest thing he said was:

"Why do women wear weaves and have all that glue showing? I ask them 'Is that syrup on your head?'"

LOL!! Me and my sisters died laughing. I mean, this is coming from the perspective of a black male. So, we are gaining insight to how they think. I think its funny because our black women go all out to obtain the "best" possible weave. Trying to obtain that "magic" weave that looks real. It is too many methods of wearing weaves--the sew-in, the glue-in, the lace-front, the quick-weave, etc. This is ridiculous. I say this is ridiculous because all of these methods were invented because they are constantly striving to find the "perfect" weave that looks like their hair.

My advice to these ladies are: "Stop trying to emulate other races because at the end of the day we can always tell. Embrace your natural texture."

My question for the black man is: "Can you handle/appreciate our natural beauty?? Or are you more admiring of other races?"

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