Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naturals in Advertisement: MAC Cosmetics

Today I was searching the internet for naturals featured in cosmetic advertisements. I must admit that it was difficult to find cosmetic advertisements with naturals.

I did come across this MAC cosmetic advertisement for the Style Warriors collection that was launched in Summer 2009. (I even own a blush from this collection). I think the woman is beautiful on the advertisement, however; it would be nice if we could find naturals in advertisement without "warrior" attached to it. It goes back to people thinking naturals are militant or making political statements (this is just my opinion). Cosmetic companies should feature more naturals so that our little girls and women can know that they are beautiful.

I know some people feel cosmetics are not natural, which is true. However, as women we love to accentuate our beauty or just feel pampered some days. Yet, we must also feel beautiful/confident in our own skin without the cosmetics. I digress...

I did search out cosmetic companies that cater to the African-American woman to see if they featured naturals. And Black Radiance did have a natural featured on the home page of their site. Click here to view.

Please note: I do believe that is a wig on the models hair, however; they were going for the appearance of natural hair. This is why I featured it.

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